Wednesday, January 20


this is a test

Monday, April 19

Once a month should not be average : )

I really need to post more than just once a month... It has been crazy! Just working, working, working...but I have been looking for a place to hold a class on the tags that were posted earlier! So hopefully by June we should be learning! Haven't been taking too many pics or much of anything else... I have created a few cards that I really love... and will post pics soon! Hope everyone has a great day/evening : )

Thursday, March 11

Time Flies!

Where does time go????? Wow...I have been busy...working and trying to fit in a little crafting here and far what I have managed to do is some invitations for the is there 2nd birthday coming up next week...Wow...they are getting so big! I have really been enjoying getting to see them during the week! I didn't take this picture (Mendy gets credit for that) but I did clean it up a little...Photoshop is an amazing thing : )... Mendy said they were singing at the top of their lungs... too precious... I asked M the other day...Are you precious? and he said "Yea, I'm precious." So matter of fact...listen to would think they were mine...sorry : )

Also...some other good news...I finally opened an ETSY store...If you have never been to has got to be one of the coolest things... Everything on ETSY is handmade, vintage or a supply... so if you are ever looking for something and cannot find it...go to ... my store address is I will be selling finished projects, custom orders, greeting cards and other stuff... I listed a project I completed that I have not posted to the blog... it is a custom recipe book... Enjoy : )

Tuesday, February 23

Snow Day....Lazy Day

This is usually a very rare occurrence in West Texas...but...this is the fourth snow this year... I am ready for some sunshine! Jordan and I have been couped up in the house all cancelled...I didn't go to work...It is beautiful (from inside the house)...I only went out long enough to take a couple of pics : ) Tomorrow is supposed to be somewhat warmer...I am so glad I am a southern girl...I would not last up north!

Just before Christmas, I started working on some wood cigar boxes using alcohol inks and a few Tim Holtz products and techniques....I must say Tim Holtz is my hero!! I love his work!! I try and visit his blog on a regular (I have it in my favs to the right..if you want to go there) and am so ready for all the new colors and products to be released for sale here in the US...Since I was home today I even watched Tim on QVC UK...he works so fast!

Anyway...I will be teaching a class on these very soon...still looking for a location! Enjoy!

Saturday, February 20


Is anyone still out there...I know it has been a considerable amount of time... I am not going to bore anyone with all the details over the past three months...let's just say...IT HAS BEEN CRAZY! I am now working for Mendy at the daycare, cooking and loving it... haven't had much time to scrapbook but have been working on Tim Holtz's "12 Tags of Christmas"...and all I can say is OH My!! They are absolutely beautiful and I love them all...but they do take a considerable amount of supplies (which I am working on collecting)... We need to keep that on the down low! I started on my own tags which I will be teaching a class on. We are going to have 2 or 3 small will continue to are three of the tags I have completed...each tag is 6 1/4" x 3 1/8"...which is the same size Tim uses... I have learned so much from his techniques and cannot wait to share! Enjoy!

Saturday, November 28

Catching Up to Keep Up!!!

So much has happened in the last 3 months! Where to start....

I have been working on quite a few different paper craft projects...and will be posting pics soon! Our local scrapbook store just closed last week...I am so sad because I really enjoyed teaching classes! So, I am tinkering around the idea of teaching/selling classes and kits from this blog. I have a little research to do and will be posting more soon!!! I would love to get some feedback on if you have an idea or some input...please share!!!

I entered the West Texas Fair & Rodeo in September and did really well!! I entered canning, perishable foods, and photography...I don't know how many ribbon total that I won...but it was alot...I will get some pics together and share on another post! BUT the coolest thing that happened was that I was asked to be the chairwoman for the scrapbooking section of the WTFR for 2010....I am so excited...I am going to have to get busy on that real soon!!

I had posted that I was going back to work...and I did...I started at Catherine's August 1 worked there until I was offered a job with N******, which was better hours, more money and I was going to be able to work from home... Perfect right!!!! Nope!!!! I started training October 26th and was at home working 3 weeks later. The amount and quality of training was substandard and I wasn't the only one having quit!! Life is too short to be that stressed!!!

Jon has changed jobs...He was offered a job with a former employer making more money and he is able to work more hours... His previous employer had cut way back on hours and he was lucky to get 40 hours a week.

Jordan is doing good : ) We had a little bit of a hiccup on grades the second six weeks, which was a huge surprise since she is such a good student! She usually has A's with maybe one B... but I guess she had to learn that grades will not always come easy and sometimes you have to study.

My father-in-law, Roger, is currently in the hospital, he had triple bypass and has been in and out of surgery and ICU. Prayers are definately appreciated. We had Thanksgiving up at the hospital with Mary (MIL) on Thursday and I am going up there today, Roger is scheduled for surgery at 9am. It appears he has MRSA which is a drug resistant staph infection. Please pray that the doctors get all of the infection out!! I really must run...have to get ready...

Thursday, August 13


I've been is part-time but still feels like alot and when it is a 10 1/2 hour day it is hard on me... I have enjoyed parts of it... I am working in retail clothing...and have never had this type of it has been a fun learning experience...It is just the standing for an entire shift that is difficult... Anyway...enough Gritching! : )

Not too much going on... I did teach a class last week... It was a 2 page layout with two cards from the Glitz Sparrow line of paper with Prism cardstock, Smooch Paint, Glitter...and of used Distressing Ink Aged Mahogany and Pine Needles! This layout is a bit out of my comfort zone with the really bright colors...but I just love it : ) Enjoy!